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December 27, 2002
Cover Page
V. 6 No. 52
. Wal - Mart Can Buy Amigo…Pesquera Calls For Status Referendum… Governor Withdraws Electoral Reform Bill… Rodriguez Urged To Prohibit Summoning Of Journalists… Hispanic CC Opening SJ Office… Most Wanted Apprehended
December 20, 2002
Cover Page
V. 6 No. 51
. Governor To Initiate Status Process In 2003…Pesquera: Cabinet Changes Reflect Criminalization Of Public Servants…Rodriguez Refers Izquierdo To SIP…Acevedo Vila Asks FTC To Reconsider Wal-Mart Approval…Calderon Urged To Discuss Island’s Status…US Investigating Gil Bonar’s Actions
December 13, 2002
Cover Page
V. 6 No. 50
. Judge Rules Puerto Rico Can't Block Wal-Mart Deal…SIP To Hear Journalist’s Testimony In Flag Case…Fajardo Gets Maximum Sentence…EPA Promises Vieques Cleanup…INS To Register Foreigners From 18 Countries… Blue Ribbon To Investigate Superaqueduct
December 6, 2002
Cover Page
V. 6 No. 49
. PDP Caucus Ignores Calderon’s Christmas Bonus Warning, Her Executive Order Injures Municipalities, Says Pesquera… Justice Seeks To Stop Wal-Mart Amigo Deal…IRS, Treasury To Cooperate…Rey To Comply With Federal Reform…Fas Added National To Coliseum’s Name
November 29, 2002
Cover Page
V. 6 No. 48
. Americans Mark Thanksgiving With Parades… Patakis Spending Holiday In Puerto Rico… Drinking Water Program To Cost $136M… Expos Release SJ Schedule…Anti-Drug Bill Veto Urged… Extraordinary Legislative Session Set
November 22, 2002
Cover Page
V. 6 No. 47
. FTC Approves Wal-Mart Deal… Governor Signs $1B Communities Trust Law…Rossello Praises Garcia’s Appointment… Lafitte: Rodriguez’ Untimely Requests May Jeopardize Prosecutions… Journalists Seek To Quash Flag Subpoenas… Calderon Takes Credit For Unemployment Rate Drop
November 15, 2002
Cover Page
V. 6 No. 46
. MLB Close To OKing Expos In PR...Pesquera Condemns Calderon’s Trip To Summit…Vieques: Bill Would Bar Cleanup, Bioweapons Test Data To Be Made Public… Governor Seeks Latin American Heads Of State Ties… House Approves $1B Special Communities Trust Fund
November 8, 2002
Cover Page
V. 6 No. 45
. UPR: Students Divided On Statehood Group Petitions, Another Violent Incident Occurs…PDP Awaits Report Before Acting In Arizmendi’s Case… Island Republicans Ecstatic, Democrats Surprised With Election Results…Calderon Eager To Work With GOP Majority
November 1, 2002
Cover Page
V. 6 No. 44
. Garcia Promises Color-Blind Justice, Calderon Reprimands PDP Legislators, Statehooders Rally Outside UPR, Daly New FBI Chief, Padilla Seeks Legal Counsel, Legislative Reform Controversy Continues, Pesquera Claims Party’s Support
October 25, 2002
Cover Page
V. 6 No. 43
. Governor Promises Cooperation With Navy, Will Campaign For Pataki, Fortaleza Makes Navy’s Letter Public, Calderon: Relying On Bush’s Word, Occupation Not Same As “Tough Hand”, Letter No Guarantee, Navy Says, Pesquera Asks UPR To Respect Ideological Diversity
October 18, 2002
Cover Page
V. 6 No. 42
. Navy To Leave Vieques, Calderón Says, Pledge To End Bombing Welcomed, Hispanic Caucus Asks Bush For Vieques Statement, PDP Endorse, NPP Opposes Campaign Finance Bill, Vizcarrondo Won’t Pay Mundo’s Legal Fees, Calderon: Efforts To Oust Navy Have Not Been Exhausted
October 11, 2002
Cover Page
V. 6 No. 41
. Vieques Activists Outraged Over Bioweapons Test Revelation, Calderon Promises To Punish Those Who Stole, Martin: Feds Should Explain Dismissals, TV Stations Hand Over Women’s Advocate Videos, Housing Won’t Reimpose "Tough Hand Against Crime"
October 4, 2002
Cover Page
V. 6 No. 40
. Puerto Rico May Host Some Expo Games, Calderon: Santini “Doing Unacceptable Work In SJ”, Mug Shots Of NPP Leaders Disseminated, EPA Opposes Bay Filling For Port Of The Americas, Santini Rebuts Governor’s Denial That Crime Is Up 25%, Rare Feat For The Molinas, U.S. House Allots $50M For Urban Train
September 27, 2002
Cover Page
V. 6 No. 39
. U.S. House Members Seek Renewed Bush Pledge, Higher Medicare Allocation & $85M For Channel Dredging OK’d, The SJ Expos?, Navy Refuses To Commit To Cessation Of Maneuvers, NPP House Delegation Asks Pereira To Resign, Pesquera: Gov’t Worse Than NPP
September 20, 2002
Cover Page
V. 6 No. 38
. Calderon Says Police’s Conduct At Vieques To Get Look, Pesquera Again Refuses To Discuss Status, Rullan: Premature To Link Cancer With Navy Exercises, Barceloneta To Get $89.8M For Infrastructure, NPP: Governor’s Letter To Bush Was Counterproductive
September 13, 2002
Cover Page
V. 6 No. 37
. Mercado: Vieques Policy Flexible, Navy To Intensify War Games, Wreckage Of Military Plane Found, PIP Trespassers Get Year’s Probation, Congress Warned About Urban Train’s High Cost, Puerto Rico Remembers 9/11, Head Start Receives $1.85M In Federal Funds
September 6, 2002
Cover Page
V. 6 No. 36
. Fas Alzamora Proposes Legislative Reform Study, Pentagon Withholds Vieques Alternative Report, Navy Clashes With Demonstrators, Urban Train Set To Run September ‘03, Puerto Rico, The World’s Surprise Qualifier, Mercado Repudiates Use Of Tear Gas, Anti Navy Groups Cautious Over Governor’s Visit
August 30, 2002
Cover Page
V. 6 No. 35
. Judge Finds Probable Cause For Trial Of NPP Leaders, Defense Spending Plummets In Puerto Rico, Officers In Pentagon Recovery Return Home, Gov’t Claims Credit For 14K New Jobs, Protesters Who Destroy Property Face Arrest, Pesquera Blasts Calderon Over ARPE Sex Scandal, Berrios' Criticism Doesn't Worry Her, $2M For Blue Ribbon Committee, J& J: U.S. Won't Extend Island Probe
August 23, 2002
Cover Page
V. 6 No. 34
. Police Refuse U.S. Marshals A Plane To Transport Prisoner Accused In Anti-Navy Protests, Rivera Schatz Says Education Money Never Reached The NPP, Calderon: Denies Pesquera’s Accusation; Won’t Testify Against Party’s Leaders, Pesquera: Government Is Spying On NPP, Paralitici: Governor Helpless Before Navy, Protesters Ready As Calderon Rues Resumption Of Vieques Exercises
August 16, 2002
Cover Page
V. 6 No. 33
. NPP Faults Administration On Job Creation, Senatorial Reapportionment Set, GDB Loses 2nd Top Official, Bodies Of Crash Victims Go Home, 3,000 Police Face Dismissal, DTOP Reaffirms Rte 66, Calderon OK’s Los Capuchinos Expropriation, Pesquera: Gov’t Shouldn’t Support Anti-American Agenda
August 9, 2002
Cover Page
V. 6 No. 32
. 10 Dead In US Military Plane Crash In Caguas, Mayors Propose Decentralizing Government, Calderon Calls Pesquera’s Bush Initiative Worthless, No Municipal Reform For Now, New Tourism Plan Unveiled, No Official Word But Navy Could Resume Exercises Next Month, Solved Crimes Decline
August 2, 2002
Cover Page
V. 6 No. 31
. Calderon: Respect SEC Rulings, Embattled Gracias Won’t Seek New Judicial Term, Extended Latin American Ties Sought, Probe Of Public Funds Used For Governor's Address, US Status Group Yet To Meet, Parties Criticize SEC Over Allegations That 16 Legislators Are Possible Electoral Law Violators, Multiple Sites To Replace Vieques
July 26, 2002
Cover Page
V. 6 No. 30
. Puerto Ricans Weigh Progress And Conflicts Of 50 Years As U.S. Commonwealth
July 19, 2002
Cover Page
V. 6 No. 29
. Calderon Sets NPP, PIP Status Meeting, Pesquera Declines Cupco Invitation, U.S. Grants Island $169M In Aid, Voting Initiative Draws Fire, Ire, House OK’s Constitution Resolution, Governor: Praises Island’s Status; Threatens To Develop Commonwealth Without NPP, Pesquera Calls Action’s Hypocritical
July 12, 2002
Cover Page
V. 6 No. 28
. Status Not Before Congress, Calderon Rejects Proposal To Seek Solution From Bush, Navy Unresponsive On Environment, Anticrime Plan Defended, Pesquera Rejects Governor’s Status Committee, Skepticism Abounds, Goyco Amador Defends Performance In Flag Case, NPP Senators Exonerated, Berrios Confident Of Consensus
July 5, 2002
Cover Page
V. 6 No. 27
. Public Healthcare & Schools Need Improvement, NPP Questions Blue Ribbon’s Transparency, Vieques Land Discussed In D.C., Bayamon Mayor Backs Jeb, Federal Childcare Benefits Increased, NPP Leaders Booked On Rioting Charges, Prosecutor Claims To Have Strong Evidence
June 28, 2002
Cover Page
V. 6 No. 26
. NPP Leaders Subpoenaed, Calderon: Law Applies To All, $500M GO Sale Moved Up, Sen. Ramirez Hoists U.S. Flag, Senate OK’s $30M Pork Barrel Fund, Million-$ Celebration For Commonwealth’s Anniversary, Governor Won’t Discuss Status Plans, Fajardo Returns $1M, Lopez Dances With Lavoe Biopic
June 21, 2002
Cover Page
V. 6 No. 25
. CDC Will Study Vieques Cancer Incidence, Feds Investigating Toledo, Novello Added To Medical Hall Of Fame, Schering-Plough: Probe Involves Products Made In Puerto Rico, Navy Analyses Vieques Alternatives, Governor Appoints New Chief Prosecutor, Roosevelt Roads Costs Island $500M
June 14, 2002
Cover Page
V. 6 No. 24
. Calderon: Keep Padilla Jailed, Acevedo Vila Launches Website, Cemex Buys Puerto Rican Cement, Cintron Announces Resignation, Bombing May Resume In August, ‘Puerto Rican Taliban’ Should Not Affect Relations With U.S., Bird Recounts Everest Climb
June 7, 2002
Cover Page
V. 6 No. 23
. Justice To Investigate Senator, Governor: $58M For Culebra, $500K To Study Vieques-Naguabo Route, NPP Promises Calderon 'Eye For An Eye’, Poverty Declines 10%, Popular To Invest $197M In Construction Projects, NPP Questions Anti-Crime Plan, Navy Gives $450K For Ports Authority
May 31, 2002
Cover Page
V. 6 No. 22
. S&P Cuts Puerto Rico's Outstanding Debt To A-, Governor Seeks EPA Support For Martin Peña Rehabilitation Project, Miss Russia Wins 2002 Miss Universe Title, Amnesty Int’l Cites Rights Violation, Anthony Sings In English, Santini Hails Pageant’s Economic Benefits
May 24, 2002
Cover Page
V. 6 No. 21
. Commonwealth Resolution Called Irrelevant, Insulting, Pesquera: Higher Taxes Target Working Class, Governor Endorses Jeb Bush, UN To Evaluate Island’s Status, A Year After Creating Jobs, Navy Cuts Them, Calderon’s Lobbying Expenses Criticized, Pataki’s Ads Target Puerto Ricans
May 17, 2002
Cover Page
V. 6 No. 20
. Garcia Has Much To Learn, Tax Collections Historical, Mercado Praises Carter’s Cuba Trip, Schering - Plough: FDA Conducting Criminal Probe, Pataki Taps Irizarry, Fewer Families To Lose Federal Aid, Senate Initiates Offshore Bank Probe
May 10, 2002
Cover Page
V. 6 No. 19
. Ferre Blames Garcia Designation On Island’s Colonial Status, Calderon’s Anticrime Plan Doesn’t Include New Ideas, Governor: Excise Tax Increase Was The Least Of All Evils, $26M Vieques Dispersal Requested,Torruella, Baez Galib Implore Bush To Appoint Puerto Rican As U.S. Atty
May 3, 2002
Cover Page
V. 6 No. 18
. Congress Asked To Celebrate Commonwealth Constitution’s 50th Anniversary, England: No Live Ammunition Will Be Used On Vieques, Santini Rules Out Pesquera Primary Challenge, Gov’t Criticized For Copying Rossello Projects, Calderon: Deficit Prevented Retaking Prasa, NPP Wants Prasa Selection Probe
April 26, 2002
Cover Page
V. 6 No. 17
. P.R. Water Regulation Inapplicable To Navy, Legislators Back Pork Barrel For Political Ads’ Trade, BBVA: Island Isn’t Implicated In Corruption Scheme, Archbishop Takes Stand On Abuse, Prasa’s Privatization Opposed, Little Hope For NPP Language Proposal
April 19, 2002
Cover Page
V. 6 No. 16
. Sanes Commemorated, Bush Committed To Status Solution, DAs Sent To States, New Anti-Terrorist Northern Command Covers P.R., Pro-Statehood Navy Supporters To Demonstrate, Senate: April 19 ‘Vieques Day Of Solidarity’, Protests Halted, Federal TANF Parity Sought
April 12, 2002
Cover Page
V. 6 No. 15
. Governor Launches U.S. Voter Registration Drive, Pro-Navy Group Marches, $1.4B "Tax Bomb", Calderon, Rossello Spar, 5 Protesters Get 30 Days, Senate OKs Anti-Force Resolution, Justice: Calderon Not Linked To Money Laundering, May Target For Vieques Alternatives, Coalition Files Complaint With FBI
April 5, 2002
Cover Page
V. 6 No. 14
. 4 Protesters Detained, Calderon: No Further Comment, Arrest Masked People, Demonstrators To Show Support For The Military, Governor May Act To Clear Her Name, Protesters Take It Easy, Senate To Investigate Offshore Accounts, Vieques Exercises Justified
March 29, 2002
Cover Page
V. 6 No. 13
. Serrano Attacks Government, Navy Suit Undecided, Pesquera Asks Calderon To Facilitate Practices, Pataki: Exercises Will End In ’03, Gov’t In Dialog With Navy, Serrano: Civil Disobedience Is Only Solution, Vieques Case To Federal Court, Bush Nominates Carmona Surgeon General, Governor: Reacts To Arrests, Keeps Watch On Clean Money Bill
March 22, 2002
Cover Page
V. 6 No. 12
. Santini: More San Juan Irregularities, Hernandez Colon Regrets Governor’s Analysis, Calderon Reaffirms No Wrongdoing, Gutierrez Crushes Castro, PDP Asks SEC To Investigate All Parties, Governor Supports Possible Arrests, Island Might Be Part Of New Security Command
March 15, 2002
Cover Page
V. 6 No. 11
. PIP Senator Asks Justice To Investigate PDP Despite Calderon’s Objections, Vieques Case To Be Taken To U.N. Again, Governor Requests SEC PDP Audit, Navy Allegedly Unable To Practice Without Waiver, SIP Rejects Vega Alta Mayor Case, Martin: Electoral Reform Is The Only Way, Calderon Announces Revamping Of 18 Urban Centers
March 8, 2002
Cover Page
V. 6 No. 10
. Sen. Maribel Rodriguez Resigns, Solved Crime Cases Decline, Rum Tax Reimbursement To Be Extended For 2 Years, Olga Tañon Honored, Pereira: Eliminate Former Governors’ Escorts, $1B Western Region Investment Plan Announced, Vietnam Vets Denounce Congress
March 1, 2002
Cover Page
V. 6 No. 9
. Jennifer Gonzalez Begins Duties As Precinct 4 Representative, Baucus Hasn't Decided About Section 956, 956 Backup Sought, Welfare Funds Subject To Federal Compliance, Electoral Reform Referendum Proposed, Governor Meets With Bush, Martin: Eliminate PACs
February 22, 2002
Cover Page
V. 6 No. 8
. Electoral Reform Bills Filed, Governor Campaigns For Gutierrez, Acevedo Vila Addresses Legislature, Pataki Dodges Status Issue, Washington To Provide $9M To Fight Drugs, Less For Gov’t Lobbysts, Flores Galarza: Balanced Budget Not Assured
February 15, 2002
Cover Page
V. 6 No. 7
. PIP Repudiates `50 Years Of Colonialism' , $40M Cut In Economic Development Agencies Decried, Unions To Lobby For 956, $500K For Commonwealth’s 50th Anniversary, Navy Rejects Live Fire, Electoral Reform Proposed, Pesquera: People Will Pay For Budget Disaster, Reform Should Have Parties OK
February 8, 2002
Cover Page
V. 6 No. 6
. 956 Suffers Setback, Legislators Defend Constituent Assembly, Vieques Clean-Up Begins, Cleveland PRFAA Office Opens, NPP Denounces Lack Of Anti-Crime Plan, Fajardo Pleads Guilty, Arroyo In Latin Hall, Pesquera Available To Cooperate With Feds
February 1, 2002
Cover Page
V. 6 No. 5
. Governor: Rodriguez's Resignation Overdue, Controller To Audit Parties, $3B For Public Works, Tax Evasion Secretary Proposed, Pesquera Presents Anti-Corruption Bills, Cruzado Laureano Pleads Not Guilty, Calderon: No Political Quotas, SIP Designated To Investigate Maribel Rodriguez
January 25, 2002
Cover Page
V. 6 No. 4
. Pesquera Repudiates Illegal Use Of Funds, Colberg Demands NPP Make Finance Reports Public, Campaign Finance Reform Urged, Fajardo Charged, Bail Set, Investigations: Blue Ribbon Committee, Rodriguez, Faccio, Army South Considers Relocation
January 18, 2002
Cover Page
V. 6 No. 3
. Antiterrorism Mission For National Guard, Unemployment Rate Up, Fajardo Seeks Cooperation Agreement, Poverty Dropped Under Rossello, Governor Shuns Press, Zenon Gets 6 Months, Claiming Political Persecution, Pesquera Demands Proof Of Accusations
January 11, 2002
Cover Page
V. 6 No. 2
. Calderon Praises Vieques Decision, Trusts President’s Word, Burgos: We Can't Let Down Our Guard, Navy Rebuts Activists’ Victory Claim, January Exercises Moved, Bush Reiterates Vieques Commitment, Burgos Released, Gonzalez Rejoins Rangers For $24M, Vieques Decision Appealed
January 4, 2002
Cover Page
V. 6 No. 1
. Calderon Says People’s Will Prevents Live Bombing, Vieques Lawsuit Dismissed, P.R. To Appeal, Nat’l Guard Unit To Middle East, Gov’t Ads Reach $1M, PIP: Governor Is Navy’s Enemy & Accomplice, Civil Disobedience To Continue, 3 Kings Day To Cost $375K

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