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December 28, 2001
Cover Page
V. 5 No. 52
. PIP Accuses Governor Of Vieques Betrayal, PDP Asked To Reveal Fundraising Details, Miss Universe Pageant Rejected, Misla Public Hearings Set, Stalled Economic Bills To Be Resubmitted, Calderon: Vieques Protesters Are ‘Heroes’, Leaders Express Christmas Wishes
December 21, 2001
Cover Page
V. 5 No. 51
. Pesquera Accuses Calderon Of `Dismantling Health Reform', House To Hold Hearings Against Misla Aldarondo, Vizcarrando Insists He Resign, PIP: Calderon Gov’t Is Navy Ally, Court Orders Burgos Back To Prison, Justice Recommends SIP To Investigate PDP Senator
December 14, 2001
Cover Page
V. 5 No. 50
. Massive U.S. Voter Registration Campaign Planned, Referendum Cancelled As Pro-Navy Forces Prevail, Island Gains Title I Equality, U.S. Denounces Puerto Rico’s ACS Application, Police Force To Be Restructured, NPP Lobbies To Keep Army South, Int’l Delegation To View Exercises, White House Will Push To Examine Status
December 7, 2001
Cover Page
V. 5 No. 49
. Island Pursues Key Caribbean Role, Mercado: PDP Not Separatist, NPP Seeks Improved Relations With U.S., Dominican President To Visit San Juan, Pesquera Lobbies To Keep Military Bases, Pereira To Intervene In Vieques
November 30, 2001
Cover Page
V. 5 No. 48
. Rossello Denounces PDP Persecution Campaign, Island Reactivates Observer Status, President Declares Disaster Zones, PIP Warns Of More Political Dossiers, Navy Permit Decision Postponed, Vivoni Replaced
November 23, 2001
Cover Page
V. 5 No. 47
. Acevedo Vilá Wants Clinton's Directives Honored, Pesquera Calls For Unity And Prayer On Thanksgiving, Governor Accused Of Breaking Vieques Promise, NPP Senate Delegation Asks For Rodriguez's Resignation, A Carry-On Crown
November 16, 2001
Cover Page
V. 5 No. 46
. Senator Returns Money, Lopez Says She's No Demanding Diva, House Minority: Don’t Sign Bills, Ferre Loses Miami Mayoral Contest, Anti Navy Group Lambastes Calderon, PIP Denounces ATSDR Report, Juarbe Confirmed For U.S. Labor Post, Santini 1st VP
November 9, 2001
Cover Page
V. 5 No. 45
. President's Latino Strategy Bueno For Bloomy, Vizcarrondo To Form Committee Against Nepotism, Bush Asked To Withdraw Women’s Program Funds, Hearing To Remove Vega Alta Mayor Set, ATSDR: No Damage To Viequenses Health, Calderon: Will Seek Reelection, Refutes 956 Critics
November 2, 2001
Cover Page
V. 5 No. 44
. GOP Elects Fortuño, Ponce Begins To Revamp Historic Zone, Police Will Be Sent To Vieques, Calderon: Rumsfeld Doesn’t Represent Bush On Vieques, Sets 956 deadline, Santini Announces Business Tax Incentives, Misla Aldarondo Resigns As Republican National Committeeman, Puerto Rican Squad Is a Stateside Success
October 26, 2001
Cover Page
V. 5 No. 43
. U.S. Navy Pushes Back Vieques Vote Until Jan. 25
October 19, 2001
Cover Page
V. 5 No. 42
. Congress Postpones Vieques Issue, 3 New PRFAA Offices To Open, Bill Filed To Regulate Government Transition, Referendum Decision Reversed, Terrorist Attacks Delay Status Discussion, Governor Disagrees On Inability To Hold Referendum
October 12, 2001
Cover Page
V. 5 No. 41
. Governor Gets Support, Is Criticized On Vieques, Over 400 Puerto Ricans Survived Attacks, Misla To Lobby In Washington For Vieques Practices, `Unreal' To Request Bombing Cessation, Burgos Back In NPP, Islamic Spokesman Condemns Afghanistan Attacks
October 5, 2001
Cover Page
V. 5 No. 40
. Measures To Shore Up Economy Announced, Flares Fired At Navy Helicopter, Little Time To Repeal Referendum, Another Army Reserve Command Mobilized, Calderon Says Navy Should Leave Vieques, Koch Endorses Ferrer, Caffeine OK’d To Combat Hawaii’s Coqui’s
September 28, 2001
Cover Page
V. 5 No. 39
. Calderon To New York, Chicago & Washington D.C., CRB Persecuted?, Congress Postpones Referendum Decision, Governor: Navy Exit `More Difficult', Inhofe Withdraws Live Fire Amendment, U.S. House: Navy’s Stay Could Be Extended, Vieques Residents Disagree
September 21, 2001
Cover Page
V. 5 No. 38
. A Time Of Sorrow, Governor: Expresses Horror At N.Y. Sight, Rallies Private Sector Support, Commission To Investigate Human Rights Violations, Exercises To Begin, "United For New York", Not The Time To Talk About Vieques, Viequenses Asked To Donate Blood
September 14, 2001
Cover Page
V. 5 No. 37
. Families Await Word, Legislature Expresses Solidarity With U.S. People, Memorial Service Held, Mourning Period Declared, NYC Primary Postponed, Calderon Sees Off Rescue Workers, Puerto Rico To Assist In Relief Efforts
September 7, 2001
Cover Page
V. 5 No. 36
. Calderon Orders SEC To Initiate Federal Referendum Process, Protest Leaders Want Governor To Be More Proactive, Cops Deal Drug Ring Jolt, $300M For Health Reform Couldn't Be Saved, Fajardo: `Special' Use Of Federal Funds Justified, CRB Might Run Again
August 31, 2001
Cover Page
V. 5 No. 35
. Calderon: Pesquera Acts With Much Haste, Berrios Freed After 4 Months, More Cops Arrested, Pesquera Running For NPP President And Governor, Santini For VP, Gutierrez Imprisoned, Says Puerto Rico Is A Nation, Sharpton Endorses Ferrer, Santini Declines To Discuss Run For Governor
August 24, 2001
Cover Page
V. 5 No. 34
. Rodriguez Backs Pesquera, La Fortaleza Summons PDP Legislators, Lebron To Leave Prison, Governor Won't Remove Police From Vieques, Jeb Bush To Visit Island, `Undercover Independentistas' Must Leave PDP, Sharpton To Endorse Ferrer
August 17, 2001
Cover Page
V. 5 No. 33
. Congress Could Frustrate Status Consensus, Fas Alzamora: Language Issue Should Not Turn `Political'”, Senate Holds Hearings On Status, Referendum Is "Academic", McCall To Tackle Retirement Fund Deficit, Castro To Head Democratic Women
August 10, 2001
Cover Page
V. 5 No. 32
. Navy Suggests Cutting Back Vieques Use, Maneuvers End, 3 Detained For Throwing Firebombs
August 3, 2001
Cover Page
V. 5 No. 31
. White House Creates Status Committee, Tug-Of-War Over Puerto Rico's Role As U.S. Military Outpost, House Panel Forbids Vieques Closing, Navy To Engage In Intense Exercises, Protesters Angry Over President's Decision
July 27, 2001
Cover Page
V. 5 No. 30
. Vieques Voters Want The Navy To Leave Now
July 20, 2001
Cover Page
V. 5 No. 29
. July 25th Celebration & Section 956's Campaign Costs Reach $600K, Hundreds Protest At White House, Navy Studies Training Options, Lebron Gets 60 Days, Burgos: Vote For Option 2, Bill To Amend Section 956 Filed In Congress, Calderon Won't Campaign For Referendum
July 13, 2001
Cover Page
V. 5 No. 28
. Vieques No Longer Necessary, Int’l Panel Of Doctors To Evaluate Vieques Studies, Cuba Backs Referendum, N.J. Opts Not To Join Lawsuit, Roosevelt Roads Could Be Closed, Pro-Navy Activists Optimistic
July 6, 2001
Cover Page
V. 5 No. 27
. Thousands Celebrate Fourth Of July, Report On Protesters' Treatment To Be Ready In August, NPP, PIP Nix Section 956, Padre Island Impact Study Ordered, U.S. Flag Posting Campaign Continues
June 29, 2001
Cover Page
V. 5 No. 26
. U.S. Flag Raised At Vieques Chapel, Governor In Washington, Hansen Plays Wilderness Card, Congressmen Criticize Bush Decision, Protesters Decry Foul Play
June 22, 2001
Cover Page
V. 5 No. 25
. Bush Staff Erred In Announcing Closure Of Vieques
June 15, 2001
Cover Page
V. 5 No. 24
. Exercises Delayed Again, Protests 'Quiet' As Navy Practice-Bombs, More Than 1,500 Inert Bombs To Be Launched
June 8, 2001
Cover Page
V. 5 No. 23
. Puerto Rico Bombing To End In 2003
June 1, 2001
Cover Page
V. 5 No. 22
. Gov Draws Battle Plan, Visa Denied Cuban Leader, Navy To Evaluate Referendum, Gonzalez To Intercede On Berrios’ Behalf, Exercises To Resume June 13, Alarcon Plans P.R. Visit, Hispanic Caucus To Hold Hearings On Arrests, Jaime Benitez Dies
May 25, 2001
Cover Page
V. 5 No. 21
. Burgos To March, Senate Change May Benefit P.R., ‘Excessive’ Sentences Decried, HUD Officials Charged With Fraud, Calderon Defends ELA, Rights Violations In Arrests, Sharpton In Jail For Protest
May 18, 2001
Cover Page
V. 5 No. 20
. Calderon Challenged To March, House Asks Congress To Study Rights Violations, U.S. Seeks Status Solution, President Limits Disaster Relief, Berrios Gets 4 Months
May 11, 2001
Cover Page
V. 5 No. 19
. Mainland Puerto Rican Population Up 25% To 3.4M, Berrios Trial Set, Navy To Disburse $10.7M, Miss USA Calls For Bombing Halt, Amnesty International Sends Observer To Vieques, Flood’s Damages At $146M
May 4, 2001
Cover Page
V. 5 No. 18
. Ashcroft To Review Arrest Incident, Trump Condemns Practices, Navy Wraps Up Exercises, Ashcroft To Review Complaint, President Appoints 2 From P.R., Hillary Leads Charge, Medicare Funds In Jeopardy, Disappointed In Calderon’s Stance
April 27, 2001
Cover Page
V. 5 No. 17
. Navy Wraps Up Maneuvers, Exercises Continue, Navy Presence Divides Vieques, Calderon: Bombing Is Betrayal, Navy Resumes Bombing, DOD To Examine Alternative A Color pproaches To Vieques, Calderon Disagrees With Judicial Decision
April 20, 2001
Cover Page
V. 5 No. 16
. Puerto Rico Sues To Halt Navy Bombing
April 13, 2001
Cover Page
V. 5 No. 15
. Pataki, Politics And Bombing, Navy To Resume Exercises, Bishop On Rodriguez's Beatification, Congressmen Ask Bush To Revoke Agreement, No Link Between Exercises And Disease, Federal Fund Allocations To Be Increased, Pataki Tours Vieques, Rebuffs Ramirez
April 6, 2001
Cover Page
V. 5 No. 14
. Vivoni Wouldn’t Care If Tons Of Drugs Went To The States, "Extravagant Expenses" In San Juan, Kucinich, Waters To Visit, San Juan Loses Population, NPP Asks Burgos To Resign Post, U.S. Legislators Invited
March 30, 2001
Cover Page
V. 5 No. 13
. Group Wants Vieques To Secede, GDB Recommends Economic Incentives, Calderon Hopes NPP Will Participate In Status Consensus, Rossello: Lambastes Budget Deficit Accusations, Calls For Status Resolution
March 23, 2001
Cover Page
V. 5 No. 12
. Puerto Rico Welcomes Ruiz, Navy Rules Out St. Kitts, US Endangering Vieques Residents, Thompson To Review Heart Conditions, April Training A Possibility, Rumsfeld To Calderon: Exercises Will Continue, St. Kitts Possible Vieques Alternative
March 16, 2001
Cover Page
V. 5 No. 11
. Collazo Withdraws, Archbishop Lobbies Bush, Calderon Unveils $20.6B Budget, Vieques Water Study Argued, US To Spend $1.6M On Study, Health Officials Arrive In Vieques, GOP To Meet In PR
March 9, 2001
Cover Page
V. 5 No. 10
. Scientists To Visit Vieques, House OK’s Drug Control Bill, NPP: No to PDP Plan To Solve Status Issue, Vibroacoustic Study Ready In Three Months, Bombs Silent Because Pataki Wasn't, Vieques Suspension Probed
March 2, 2001
Cover Page
V. 5 No. 9
. Navy To Hold Off On Vieques Exercises, Congress: Trade Incentives For Live Bombings, No Bill To Regulate Noise, Vieques Groundwater Safe, New Push To End Bombing
February 23, 2001
Cover Page
V. 5 No. 8
. Hansen: Vieques Tops Status, Senate Confirms Appointments, Calderon To Lobby Bush, A Challenge For Fleet Readiness, Collazo Defends Actions, Calderon: Constituent Assembly Good Alternative, PIP Demands Collazo Withdrawal
February 16, 2001
Cover Page
V. 5 No. 7
. Congress To Evaluate Separating Vieques From P.R., Riot Squad Removed, Hispanic Caucus: End Navy Missions Now, Governor Reneged, Admiral Charges, Vieques Loss: Steep Cost In Combat Readiness, Calderon Requests 10-Year Economic Plan
February 9, 2001
Cover Page
V. 5 No. 6
. Officials Lobby Bush For 30A, Bill Prohibits Hiring Of Defeated Legislators, New WIPR Board Head No `Rubber Stamp', Inserni Resigns, Calderon Meets With Private Sector, Ferdinand Mercado Confirmed
February 2, 2001
Cover Page
V. 5 No. 5
. Lutheran Leader May Join Vieques Fight, Impasse Over Riot Squad, Calderon Opposes PDP Referendum Repeal Bill,Timing Is Of Essence, Bush Favors Clinton Directives
January 26, 2001
Cover Page
V. 5 No. 4
. Calderon Criticized For Vieques Omission, Sound Waves’ Law Sought, Vieques Deal Talks Denied, Vivoni: No Need To Increase Police, Calderon Asks For Vieques’ `Space', Navy Wants More Protection, PIP Revamps, Ferre To Meet With Card
January 19, 2001
Cover Page
V. 5 No. 3
. Studies Link "Rare Illness", Poisoning To Navy's Vieques Exercises
January 12, 2001
Cover Page
V. 5 No. 2
. Santini Becomes Mayor Of San Juan
January 5, 2001
Cover Page
V. 5 No. 1
. Calderon Becomes First Woman Governor of Puerto Rico

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