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Spongebob Makes A Splash At Wyndham

By Holly Reich

July 13, 2003
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LAS CROABAS, Puerto Rico - A lifeguard/waiter in a cropped white jacket walks into the moonlit pool guiding a tray of popcorn and virgin pina coladas across the water. Another waiter pushes a pineapple float filled with candy (M & Ms, Skittles and Twix) toward a gathering of kids and adults floating on inner tubes, rafts and noodles. The event: Dive-In Movies; the entertainment: SpongeBob cartoons, shown on a 9-by-12 screen suspended over the pool. Around the pool area, some of the parents less inclined to dip (like me) lounge on comfortable chairs drinking REAL pina coladas while taking in the Caribbean breezes.

This is just part of the happenings at Wyndham Resorts' SpongeBob Splash Party, a summer season special at six Wyndham Caribbean properties.

If you don't know SpongeBob, your kids surely do. He's that optimistic goofy little sponge who lives under the Pacific Ocean in the town of Bikini Bottom. Bob works as a fast-order cook at the greasy spoon Krusty Krab. But SpongeBob isn't just a kids' phenomenon. This feisty creature has become a family cult cartoon rated top of the totem at Nickelodeon, with sales of SpongeBob products hitting $700 million last year.

Perhaps this is one reason why my kids (even at know-it-all ages 10 and 12) were more than excited to receive a SpongeBob towel, room key and beach ball at check-in at the Wyndham El Conquistador Resort & Country Club here. This is all part of the SpongeBob package, which also features restaurant and room service menus with entrees such as Mr. Krab's Kids Krudite and the Barnacle Burger. Even the mini-bar in our room was parent-friendly, with vending machine prices for snacks and nonalcoholic beverages.

There are also family activities, offered at least twice a week at each property. The games we participated in were the same 'ole but with that funky sea creature slant. There was pool volleyball, family limbo, slime waterfalls, relays with whipped cream, ice cream sundae creating, pin the pants on SpongeBob and hula hoop contests.

Getting slimed at a SpongeBob party (by original Nickelodeon slime) is one yucky act my family won't forget.

The SpongeBob packages include free breakfast for kids age 12 and under and are available through Labor Day. The Wyndham Caribbean properties are in Puerto Rico, Aruba, Jamaica, St. Thomas and Nassau, Bahamas.

Rates start at $169 per night at the Wyndham El Conquistador. Call 866-996-7766 (866-WYN-SPONGE) or book online at

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