Charles A. Rodriguez

Following is an index of articles written by or about Puerto Rico Senate President Charles A. Rodriguez. He can be reached for comments by contacting us at

American voters support Puerto Rico statehood with English and Spanish as state’s official languages. Puerto Rico senate president Rodriguez says poll backs status bill, statehood choice will be honored.

"Puerto Rico and the desire for statehood". Statehood is a right. Becoming a state would allow Puerto Ricans to enjoy all the benefits that other Americans take for granted.

Top Story, 04/29/97, Charlie Rodriguez demands equality for Puerto Ricans

General Testimony on April 19, 1997 at the hearings held on H.R.856 by the House Committee on Resources in San Juan, PR.

Oral Testimony by the Honorable Charles A. Rodriguez

Written Testimony by the Honorable Charles A. Rodriguez

A Short Biography of the President of the Senate, Charlie Rodriguez

Remarks before the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Central Florida - February 14, 1997

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