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Puerto Rico Rights At Stake
Statehood Push Is In Shambles
July 25, 1952
By Rafael Hernandez Colon

Ills Rooted In Colonialism

Commonwealth No Longer A Viable Option

July 4, 1776
By Rafael Hernandez Colon

Puerto Rico Deserves More Attention

Statehood Movement Threatened, McClintock Unyielding, Rossello Adamant… ''Colonialism''

IN CONGRESS, July 4, 1776
The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America

The Fourth Of July: What Should We Celebrate?
By Carlos Romero Barcelo

A Decade of Reed

Living By Our Wits
By Rafael Hernández Colón

Teaching English

Status Is Bush Priority
Special Committee Calls On U.S. To Expedite Puerto Rico Self-Determination Process

Aponte Defends Self-Determination Rights

Nationalists Mark Birth Of Flag
Puerto Rico Watches Corporate Tax Breaks Finally Expire
Soldiers Learn Urban Operations For New Kind Of Combat
Puerto Rico Struggles With Debt Burden

Spending More Than They Take In Is A `Flaw Of Island Government'

Bathia: Status Report Nothing New

Federal Government Enacts Law Requiring National IDs: States & U.S. Territories, Including Puerto Rico, Will Be Required To Issue Federally Approved National ID Cards By 2008

Dreaming Of The Other Side Of The Wire - American Immigration

Puerto Rico Needs Voting Rights Too

Demanding Death Across the Board
Public Funds And Status
By Rafael Hernandez Colon

A Dream Of Statehood… A Few Facts On Puerto Rico, Taxes

Green Card?

Court Hears Bid To Allow Puerto Ricans To Vote For President… D.C. Voting Rights Gains Support On Hill

Nameless Caller Doesn’t Know What He’s Talking About… Anti-Hispanic Talk Shows People’s Prejudice, Ignorance

Puerto Rico In Search Of Full Democracy
Remarks Of Jeffrey L. Farrow

GOP Senators Want Eastern Wash. As a State

Senate OKs Status Measure
Though Capital Punishment Banned, Some Still Exposed

Room For One More?…If It's So Great To Live Elsewhere

"Puerto Rico In Search Of Full Democracy"

Lobby Attempts To Buoy Puerto Rico's Statehood Pursuit

Gov Wants Legislature To Work On Issues Besides Status… McClintock: New PDP Status Bill "Unreal"

Governor Vetoes Status Bill, NPP Plans Override

"Sovereignty Matters"

P.R. Wants U.S. To Honor Status Vote

We Want Our Own 25-Cent Coins
BY Kenneth D. McClintock

The Imperial U.S.: The 'Splendid Little War' That Prompted Americans To See Themselves As A World Power

Senate OKs Status Bill With Constitutional Assembly… Puerto Rico Libre

Gov Seeks Consensus On Status Bill, Needs Funds For Unicameral Vote

PDP Downplays Status Issue
Why I Left Puerto Rico Porqué dejé Puerto Rico
Is There Gold In Them That Hills? ¿Hay oro en esas colinas?

Status Bills Before The Legislature
By Rafael Hernandez Colon

El proyecto de ley del status ante la Legislatura
por Rafael Hernandez Colon

House Status Bill Uses PIP Language

El proyecto de ley sobre el Status utiliza el lenguaje del PIP

McClintock Sees Vote On Status By Summer

McClintock prevé la votación sobre el Status para el verano

Fortuño Favors Tripartite Status Proposal Fortuño está a favor de la propuesta tripartita sobre el Status
Luis Fortuño Is A Proven Leader For Statehood Luis Fortuño es un líder comprobado que apoya la estadidad

'America' Still Resonates; Immigrants Relate To Song Written A Half-Century Ago

Todavía suena 'America'; los inmigrantes adoptan canción escrita hace ya medio siglo

Status Bill Could Be Passed Soon A corto plazo podría aprobarse el proyecto de ley de status

Fortuño Keynote Speaker At Hispanic Summit

Fortuño, orador principal en la Cumbre Hispana

'This Country Understands What's At Stake'; Military Expert Salutes 4 GIs

'Este país entiende lo que está en juego’, experto militar saluda a 4 GI

AAV Asked To Be Open To Status Options

Se pide a AAV que no cierre las puertas a las opciones sobre el Status

AAV Cuts Immigration From ELA, Dem Gov’s Back Him On Status

AAV no contempla el recorte de la inmigración del ELA, los gobernadores Demócratas le apoyan sobre el Status

Fortuño Dismisses Unilateral Action On Status, Bhatia’s Letters Unwelcomed… Rossello: Give Congress Deadline To Define Status Issue Fortuño rechaza la acción unilateral sobre el Status, las cartas de Bhatia no son bien recibidas… Rosselló: dar un plazo límite al Congreso para definir la cuestión del Status
D.C. Residents Lack Equal Representation - On Par With Puerto Rico A los residentes de D.C. les falta presentación igualitaria — a la par con Puerto Rico

Fortuño’s Letter To Bush Criticizes AAV's Status Proposal, Sees Convergence On Issue…… AAV Ready To Testify On Status, Criticizes Municipal Tax Idea

Fortuño envía misiva a Bush criticando propuesta de AAV, prevé convergencia sobre la cuestión del status… AAV está dispuesto para testificar sobre el Status y critica la idea de los impuestos Municipales

Rossello, Berrios To Discuss Status Rosselló y Berrios hablarán del Status

An Analysis Of The Fiscal Relationship Between The United States Federal Government And Puerto Rico

Un análisis de la relación fiscal entre el gobierno federal de Estados Unidos y Puerto Rico

Rossello Says Status Issue Is Legislative Matter… Bush Will Study AAV’s Status Letter

Rosselló dice que la cuestión del Status es un asunto legislativo… Bush estudiará la carta de AAV sobre el Status

Acevedo Vila, Fortuño Still At Odds On Status… Mari Bras: Gov More Attentive To Status Issues… "Statehood Yes Or No" Consult KO’d… AAV Calls For Cooperation On Taxes, Files Status Referendum Bill Acevedo Vila y Fortuño siguen en desacuerdo sobre el Status… Mari Bras: el gobierno más atento a las cuestiones del Status … Aprobada la consulta de "Estadidad Sí o Nó"… AAV pide la colaboración sobre los impuestos, presenta un anteproyecto sobre el referéndum del Status
How America Won Its Cuban Terror Prison Cómo ganó América su prisión terrorista en Cuba
Orlando: The Puerto Rican Frontier Orlando: la frontera puertorriqueña
Gov. Promises To Address Status Issue In 2005 El gobierno promete abordar la cuestión del status en 2005
U.S. Prosecutors Seek Death Penalty in Puerto Rico Los fiscales estadounidenses van tras la pena de muerte en Puerto Rico
Family Feud II Conflicto de Familia II
Basques Approve Secession Measure Los vascos aprueban medidas secesionistas
Colonizing: Toward A History Of U.S. Imperial Law Colonización: hacia una historia de ley imperial estadounidense
Gridlock On Status 'Gridlock' (callejón sin salida) sobre status
Death Of A Hero Killed On Patrol In Afghanistan Muerte de un héroe patrullando en Afganistán

What's Your "Exit Plan", Mr. Acevedo Vila?

¿Cuál es su "Plan de Salida", Sr. Acevedo Vila?

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