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What is your preferred permanent political status for Puerto Rico?
Can Puerto Rican leaders stop the meltdown?
Where do you come down on PRFAA?
To what extent is Puerto Rico’s Constitution relevant 53 years after its drafting?
To what extent does the U.S. Constitution protect American Citizens residing in Puerto Rico?
Will the NPP’s dreadful scenario of 1984 become the script for 2005? Is the New Progressive Party burning?
Who is your favorite baseball player from among the following?
What is your view of the present political situation on the island?
The week that was! Where do you stand?
Will Puerto Rico improve its economic situation in the eyes of the credit rating agencies or will it continue to deteriorate?
Do you think that the king will keep on laughing or do you think that the opposing army will get organized and make the king cry once again?
Who do you think should make the first move towards peace?
What is your vision of a legislature for Puerto Rico?
The stakes in this game are very large. Who do you think should win the "pot?"
Was Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger the right choice to become the new pope?
Taking into consideration your own aspirations for the Catholic Church in the coming decades, from what category would you prefer to see the next pope emerge?
How will you most remember the 265th Pope, Karol Wojtyla, John Paul II?
How important do you think it is for Puerto Rico to have its own design on a U.S. quarter dollar coin?
How do you come down on the death penalty? ¿Qué piensa usted sobre la pena de muerte?
What is the most important thing that the Commonwealth can do to reverse the exodus of Puerto Ricans from the island? ¿Qué es lo más importante que puede hacer el ELA para revertir el éxodo de Puertorriqueños de la isla?
What should Gov. Acevedo Vilá do to reduce public sector jobs? ¿Qué debe hacer el Gobernador Acevedo Vilá para reducir la cantidad de empleados públicos?
Where do you stand on Social Security "reform?" ¿Qué piensa usted sobre la "reforma" del Seguro Social?
How do you consider the American citizenship of Puerto Ricans residing on the island? ¿Cómo ve usted la ciudadanía estadounidense de los puertorriqueños que residen en la isla?
Should the Fortaleza and the Legislature find common ground to begin a process to permit Puerto Rico to achieve a permanent political status? ¿Qué opina usted? ¿Deben La Fortaleza y la legislatura encontrar puntos de convergencia para comenzar un proceso que permita a Puerto Rico alcanzar un status político permanente?
How do you read the Herald? • ¿Cómo lee usted el Herald? ¿Cómo lee usted el Herald? • How do you read the Herald?
Should a timetable be established for the return of U.S. troops from Iraq? ¿Debe establecerse un itinerario para el regreso de las tropas de Irak?
Do you think that Pedro Rosselló will enter the Senate and be elected its President? ¿Cree usted que Pedro Rosselló entrará al Senado y será electo su Presidente?
Will President Bush, in his second term, support Puerto Rican self-determination? ¿Apoyará el Presidente Bush, en su segundo término, la auto-determinación para Puerto Rico?
What action should the US take in Iraq? ¿Qué debe hacer los EE.UU. en Irak?
Should Puerto Rico’s electoral system be replaced by one that focuses more on the election of candidates than on the permanence of political parties? ¿Debe cambiarse el sistema electoral de Puerto Rico por uno que se enfoque más en la elección de candidatos en vez de la permanencia de partidos políticos?

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