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Move Over Mass Marketers: The Digital Age Blurs Line In Reaching Consumers Through TV, Radio, Newspapers, & The Internet

Digital Consumers Create Changes In Marketing Strategies

Government Carjacks Auto Buyers: Hefty Taxes On Automobiles Will Cost Puerto Rico Consumers $700m In Fiscal 2006

P.R. Consumers Are In For More Sticker Shock

Puerto Rico’s Sales Of Pharmaceutical Products In 2004 Grow 9.2% To $1.7b

Local Push For Cafta-DR Trade Agreement

Commonwealth Investors Receive Fiscal Update

Manufacturers Censure 158% Proposed Water Hike & Warn About Company Exits

Baltasar Corrada del Río Returns To Private Practice

Puerto Rico Rumpus; Unions At Tiny Webs Take On Giant Univision

Keeping Puerto Rico’s Ports & Airports Safe: Are They Vulnerable To Terrorism?

Protecting Ports Of Entry From Terrorism

Puerto Rico’s Appetite For Convenience: With Sales Reaching Over $1b, The Island's Fast-Food Industry Is Satisfying The Local Market's Changing Lifestyles

A Mixed Menu Of Good News & Bad

Pfizer To Close Barceloneta’s Cruce Dávila Injectable-Operation Plant, Leaving 350 Jobless

Wilo Benet: Owner Of Pikayo, Payá, & Museum Restaurant Group Is More Than A Chef

Cleveland-Area Latinos Get Help Becoming Homeowners

DTPW: Toll Increase Helps Economy… Prasa Ups Rates 128%… Consumer Code Opposed
Danger: Commonwealth Employees Retirement System Unfunded By As Much As $11B

Commonwealth Pension Plans Are Severely Unfounded

P.R. Native Sworn In As President Of The National Hispanic Caucus Of State Legislators

Manuel A. Villafaña: From Life At The Bottom To A Remarkable Career In Cardiovascular Medicine

Is Prepa Prepared To Take Puerto Rico Into The 21st Century? Electric Energy: The Lifeline Of Puerto Rico’s Economy

Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority: The Energy Moving Puerto Rico’s Economy

Retailers Recruiting Bilingual Workers To Tap Into The Increasing Buying Power Of Hispanics

Timberland Closing… $50M Goya Investment… Caricom Opening?… $300M TU Investment

Pay A Lot, Receive Very Little: State Insurance Fund Known For High Operating Costs And Inefficient Services

El Fondo: A Legacy Of High Costs vs. Inefficient Services

House, Senate Conference Committee To Finalize The Budget

Threat Of More Than 60 Companies Closing After Sections 936/ 30A Phaseout Takes Secretary Silva To Washington, D.C.

Securities Firm Samuel A. Ramírez Defines Its Expansion Strategies

FDIC Launches Hispanic Media Campaign Promoting Financial Education Throughout U.S.

Latin's New Voices

Yauco Employees Face Layoffs… Paxil CR Returned To Market
Businessman Pits "Passion" Against Obstacles

‘A Taste Of Puerto Rico’... Stateside Supermarkets Import Puerto Rican Food Products To Cater To Hispanic Households

Mainland Hispanics: Opportunity For Economic Growth

Latino Power On The Rise

No Further BRAC Recommendations Expected For Fort Buchanan

Industry Unhappy About Imminent 100% Rise In Water Rates

Wyeth’s Tygacil Antibiotic Will Be Manufactured In Carolina Plant: Annual Sales Could Reach $1B

Movida, Cisneros, Sprint & Wal-Mart To Launch New Wireless Service Targeted To Hispanics

EDB OKs $63M In Business Loans

Microsoft Expanding
Commonwealth’s Finances In Dire Shape: Official Financial Statements Show Accumulated Deficit Of Almost $13B

It Is Time To Bite The Bullet

Legislature To Cut $500M From Governor’s Proposed Budget

Doral Financial’s Expansion Plans Move Forward

Universal Group Readies Manifold Move

The People vs. The Commonwealth Of Puerto Rico

Manuel Mejía Aims For The Top

Bondholders Not Concerned By Recent Puerto Rico Downgrades

Home Depot Forms Hiring Partnership With 4 Nat’l Hispanic Organizations

Bond Issue Justified… S&P: PREPA Outlook Negative
One In Seven Drugs Sold Worldwide Is Fake: Puerto Rico A Leader In The Development Of Counterfeit-Drug Detection

Benefiting From Innovation And Technology

Government Jobs Increased By 6,000 Since January

Silva’s Plan Alters Proposed Government Budget

GlaxoSmithKline Investing $18M In Two-Year Operation To Restructure Cidra Plant

Puerto Rico Tourism Co’s Fiscal 2006 Budget Reaches $119M

P.R. National Parks Begins Construction On Sun Bay Beach

Puerto Rico Takes Houston Market By Storm

Sears Essentials Identifies Up To 10 Potential Locations In P.R.

Gourmet Coffee Makers Are Barely Tapping Their Export Potential

2004 - A Year Of Success For American Airlines In San Juan


Adelphia Sells P.R. System
Surviving Puerto Rico’s Fiscal Crisis:
With A Commonwealth Government That Spends Too Much & A Fragile Economy, Puerto Rico’s Private Sector Must Rise Up To The Challenge

Lack Of Confidence In Puerto Rico’s Leadership

Commonwealth’s Credit Rating Drops

Nine Major Puerto Rico Drug Manufacturers Report $24.3B In Sales: Make Up 47.8% Of Their Total Pharmaceutical Drug Sales Of $50.9B

Spectacular Sales Alone Not Enough To Attract Retailers: Many Deem Doing Business On The Island Too Expensive

Sol Meliá Kicks Off Construction Of Its Vacation Club’s $15M 1st Phase

Saving The American Dream, Averting A Nightmare

J. Lo's Show Wins Over Crowd At Fashion Week Finale

Pay TV Cos. Delve Into Ethnic Channels

Gov't Bonds Well Received

Tax Revenues Up

Cidra Consent Decree OKd… BNS Expands
Small Businesses Are Making Big Strides: Plenty Of Financial & Technical Resources Are Available For Those Wishing To Start Or Expand Their Own Small Business In Puerto Rico

Surviving In Uncertain Times

Moody’s Assigns Rating To AFI’s $520M Special Tax Revenue Bonds

International Banking Entities: A Lifeline For Puerto Rico’s Financial Sector

R-G Investing $9.2M In 7 New Financial Centers

New Affiliates Add Puerto Rican Flavor To TV Network Fare

ISS & AAC Group: Helping Pharmaceuticals With FDA Compliance

Cotal Annual Meeting To Take Place In San Juan

Government & Cayo Largo Partners In Negotiations

Westin Río Mar Resort Invests $16M In Business-Oriented Services

Shoppers Bag Priceless Experience Before Cameras

SJ Gets $47M Private Investment

Orange Targets Latin Markets
Puerto Rico’s Tax Dilemma: The Case For Flat Taxes & The Consumption Tax

Tax Relief And Fairness

Fort Buchanan Minimally Impacted By BRAC Military Closings

P.R. Pharmaceutical Industry Must Win Products In Pipeline To Survive

The Normandie Begins A New Era As A Boutique Hotel, With A New Affiliation

Puerto Rico Snares Caribbean Marketplace Again

Acrecent Financial Completes Private Issuance Of Additional Equity By Local Investors

Hospital Metropolitano Investing $28M On Three New Buildings & Remodeling

AARP Determined To Protect Social Security

A Feel For The Neighborhood

Carolina To Invest $238M In Public Works

Record Oil Prices: Every $10 Increase Per Barrel Costs Puerto Rico’s Economy An Estimated $750M

It’s Time For A Change

Defense’s Federal Base Closure Program Likely To Include Fort Buchanan

IRS Changes Definition Of Puerto Rico Resident & Income-Source Rules

AEELA Breaks Ground On $42M Expansion

Cidra’s Tech Group To Be Acquired By West Pharmaceutical Services

Island’s Cruise Industry Faces Challenges

Siglo XIX Gourmet Coffee Brand Looking To The Internet Market

Kimberly Casiano: At The Top Of The Corporate World

P.R. Skål Club Names P.R. Travel & Tourism Editor Ronald Flores ‘Outstanding Member Of The Year’

Acting EPA Regional Administrator Visits Site Of Clean Water Act

Bacardi Lightens Up Rum Offerings

Banks Have Capacity To Pay Tax Hike

Tax Reform Proposal Criticized… $200M Investment In SJ Port Set

Caguas Mayor: Private-Sector Facilitator; Willie Miranda Marín Is A Man With A Mission

Willie Is A Man For All Seasons

The $100M Martín Peña Canal Dredging Project: Fortuno Seeks Congressional Funding

Puerto Rico To Host 8th Caribbean Conference On Sustainable Tourism Development

New Passport Initiative Announced To Better Secure America’s Borders

DNER To Continue Major Conservation Plan With The $7.5M Purchase Of Northern Region Lands

Even If CNCs Are Repealed, Pharmacist Shortage Could Hamper Drugstore Expansion

P.R. Western Region’s Academia, Industry, Government Present Joint Initiatives In Technology Forum

Senators Denounce Special Tax On The Financial Sector

Bacardi Building Sports Spirited Design

Doral Financial Sued

Puerto Rico Continues Its Epic Battle To Obtain Equal Medicare & Medicaid Treatment For 600,000 Local Beneficiaries

Seeking Equality For U.S. Citizens In Puerto Rico

S&P Disappointed With Lack Of Local Government Consensus

Government Development Bank Speaks Of Local Situation At New York Conference

Protection As Wilderness Area Sought For Part Of El Yunque

Developers Secure $130M Interim Financing For Hotel

New Executive Director & CEO Appointed At PRHTA

Stateside Financial Services Firm Arrives In Puerto Rico

Entrepreneurs Must Innovate To Create Successful Business Ventures

Hispanicad.Com & Adnotas.Com Partner With The Ad Age Group -- To Develop Projects Dedicated To The Hispanic Market

Proposed Commonwealth Taxes Will Squeeze Banks, Other Business Sectors, & All Consumers, Thereby Hurting The Total Economy

Widespread Impact Of Higher Taxes

High Season Ends With Drop In Occupancy…Tourism Co. Promoting Health Tourism

La Rosa del Monte Express: Coming Up Roses Worldwide

Senate Considers Bill To Ban Beach Construction

Puerto Rico Products Association Steers Members To New Global Markets

Mar-Co Industries Succeeds With Contract Manufacturing Injection Molding

Softek Negotiating Large-Scale Software Sales With Latin American Countries

USVI Group Seeking Reparations From Denmark

Latin America Achieves Record Growth

Why Pfizer Is In Puerto Rico…Pfizer Wages…U.S. Tax Amnesty Pushes Eli Lilly Into The Red

Camuy Factory Will Create 500 Jobs… SEC Probes Doral

PREPA Clients Face Higher Bills

Reshaping The Greater San Juan Metro Area: Capitalizing On The Urban Train’s $2.25b Investment

Cuidad Red: An Idea Whose Time Is Long Overdue

Hacienda’s New Team Is Up For The Challenge

The Evolution Of Popular Inc.

Minor Support To Fort Buchanan’s BRAC Inclusion; BRAC Commissioners Chosen

Citibank Puerto Rico, A Bridge To Hispanic Markets

Alliance For Development Of Puerto Rico Presents Economic / Social Development Plan

Eminent Management To Revive Local Tennis With Major Events Sponsoring Celebrity Professionals

Local Hispanic Immigrants Risking Injury, Death To Work

Gov’t Makes $3m Available To Aid Businesses

Commonwealth To Collect Over $1.3b In Additional Taxes In Fiscal ‘06: More Taxes Will Pay For More Government Spending

More Taxes & Spending & Less Capital Investment

The Pontificate Of John Paul II & The Challenges Of The Catholic Church In The 21st Century

Sagrado Reaches Out To Businesses’ Leaders

Popular Auto Launches Boat Financing, Plus Luxury Auto Rental & Leasing Divisions

Ashford Presbyterian Community Hospital Looks To Future With New $40m Building

Puerto Rico To Host 39th Victorian Society In America Annual Meeting May 4-8

TransMeridian Airlines To Fly Orlando-San Juan / Orlando-Aguadilla

Multiple Problems Afflicting The D.R.

How To Seize A Gran Oportunidad; Capitalize On The Growing Latino Market With Health-Care, Financial, & Media Companies That Target These Consumers

FBP Builds Florida Franchise

Fort Buchanan: A Combined Strategic Master Plan Needed To Stop Possible Closing; Impact Of Last Remaining U.S. Military Installation Goes Beyond Economics

Puerto Rico Loses Its Strategic Military Importance

José Miguel Agrelot Coliseum Puts International Spotlight On Puerto Rico

Popular Securities Launches New Fund

Sabiamed To Expand To Venezuela & Chile; Revenue Could Increase 25%

Caribbean Sun Flying To St. Vincent

Caribbean Countries Discuss German Region Tourism In Berlin Forum

Enterprise Zone Bears Fruit… Boosting Osceola
Are Extreme Environmentalists Controlling Our Economy?: Opposition To Hotel Development Threatens Tourism’s Future Growth

¿Está siendo nuestra economía controlada por activistas ecológicos extremos? La oposición al desarrollo hotelero amenaza el futuro crecimiento del turismo

Tourism Is Good For Puerto Rico & Needs Support

El turismo es bueno para Puerto Rico y necesita respaldo

Governor Presents A Stringent Plan To Reduce The $1.7b Structural Deficit Next Year

El Gobernador presenta un riguroso plan para reducir el déficit estructural de $1.7 mil millones el próximo año

New Concerns For The Banking Industry

Nueva preocupaciones para la industria de la Banca

Manufacturers Association CEO Summit Highlights P.R.’S Strengths & Weaknesses La Cumbre de Presidentes de la Asociación de Fabricantes destaca los puntos fuertes y débiles de Puerto Rico

Ports Authority Gets $92.3m Syndicated Financing

La Autoridad Portuaria obtiene $92,3 millones en financiación

Southcom Commander Concerned About China

El Comandante de Southcom preocupado sobre China

Medtronic: Leading The Pack In Medical Device Manufacturing

Medtronic: a la cabeza en la fabricación de dispositivos médicos

Leo Burnett Presents ‘Miss Understood’ In Puerto Rico

Leo Burnett presenta ‘Miss Understood’ en Puerto Rico

Island Hi-Speed Ferry Begins Service To Vieques, Culebra From Old San Juan

El trasbordador de alta velocidad de la isla comienza sus servicios en Vieques y Culebra desde el Viejo San Juan

Behind Banking's Chase For Hispanics: Building Trust

Lo que hay detrás de la persecución de los hispanos por parte de la banca: crear confianza

New Industrial Park Will Create 4,600 Jobs

Nuevo Parque Industrial creará 4.600 puestos de trabajo

$70m Approved For PLA… AAA Doesn’t Rule Out Rate Hike… Glaxo Slides On FDA Factory Probe Fears $70 millones aprobados para PLA… AAA no descarta el aumento de sus tarifas… Glaxo va cayendo ante el temor de una investigación más a fondo de la fábrica por parte de la FDA

2004 Record Year For Auto Sales: Decision Needed On Whether To Eliminate The Excise Tax Of 2002

2004, año record para las ventas de automóviles: se necesita una decisión sobre si se debe eliminar o no el impuesto sobre consumo específico de 2002

Don’t Repeal Excise Tax On Autos

No abolir el impuesto sobre consumo específico en los automóviles

Telefónica de España In Negotiations To Acquire PRT

Telefónica de España en negociaciones para adquirir PRT

EJE Awaiting Suzuki’s Ad Agency Selection For Worldwide Account

EJE espera la selección de la agencia de publicidad de Suzuki respecto a la cuenta mundial

Local Producer Bets On George Romero For World Success

Los productores locales apuestan por George Romero como éxito mundial

American Eagle Awaiting Federal Approval Of Ports Security Plan To Start S.J. To Vieques

American Eagle espera la aprobación federal del Plan de Seguridad de Puertos para iniciar los vuelos S.J. a Vieques

D.R. Expanding Business Ties With Puerto Rico

La República Dominicana amplía los lazos comerciales con Puerto Rico

PRMA CEO Summit To Assess Global Competitiveness Of Local Industry

Cumbre de Presidentes de la PRMA para evaluar la competitividad global de la industria local

Forest Service Report Says El Yunque Endangered By Peripheral Development

El informe del Servicio Forestal dice que El Yunque corre peligro debido al desarrollo periférico

I'm A Rum University Grad

Soy un graduado de la Universidad del Ron

Lottery Gets New Operator… Dairy Farmers Say Milk Industry Faces Bankruptcy

La lotería tiene un nuevo operador… Los agricultores productores de leche dicen que la industria lechera se enfrenta a la bancarrota

5,100 Public Employees Will Be Laid Off 5,100 empleados públicos serán despedidos

Puerto Rico Continues Falling Behind In Hotel Development: Shortage Of Hotel Rooms Limits Growth Of Tourism

Puerto Rico continúa rezagándose en desarrollo hotelero: la escasez de habitaciones limita el crecimiento del turismo

We Need More Rooms

Necesitamos más habitaciones

S&P: Impressed But Still Concerned

S&P: Impresionado aunque todavía preocupado

P.R. Education Department To Spend $5.6m To Reduce Asbestos In Schools

Departamento de Educación de P.R. destinará $5.6m a reducir la presencia de asbestos en las escuelas

Badillo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi Garners Top Laurels

Badillo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi cosechan todos los laureles

Oil Prices Hovered Around $55 A Barrel, Sending Up Gas Prices

El precio del petróleo ronda los $55 por barril, y dispara el precio de la gasolinas

Samsung Plans Aggressive Puerto Rico Market Penetration

Samsung planifica una agresiva penetración en el mercado de Puerto Rico

A Celebrity Economy: House Bill That Would Appeal To Celebs Would Make Puerto Rico’s Economy More Appealing Too

Economía para celebridades: proyecto de ley que convocaría a las celebridades transformaría también a la economía de Puerto Rico en más atractiva

Orlando Business Group Holds 1st Hispanic "Summit"

Grupo Comercial de Orlando celebra su primera "Cumbre" Hispana

Go Latino At 5th & Lehigh -- Find Gifts, Food & Festivities

Go Latino en 5th y Lehigh -- Bonitos regalos, comido y festejos

Plantain Imports Halted… FEMA Allots $8m For Hwy Repairs... ASA Cuts Millions… H-P Laying Off 600 At Aguadilla Plant Detienen importación de plátanos... FEMA asigna $8m a la reparación de las carreteras... ASA anuncia recorte millonario... H-P deja cesantes a 600 en la Planta de Aguadilla

Sales In Puerto Rico: Shopping Centers Among Highest In Sales In The USA; Stateside Investors Buying Them Up

Las ventas en Puerto Rico: los centros comerciales entre los más altos en ventas en los EE. UU.; los inversores del lado estadounidense los están comprando

Investors Shopping For Local Malls; Credit-Ratings Agencies Seek Answers

Los inversores están comprando centros comerciales; las agencias de referencias de crédito buscan respuestas

Urban Train Will Operate With A 77.2% Loss Its 1st Year

El Tren Urbano funcionará con unas pérdidas del 77,2% en el primer año

Local Drug Manufacturing Reached $102.3b In 2004

La fabricación local de fármacos alcanzó los $102,3 mil millones en el 2004

Amgen CEO Confirms Company’s Commitment To Puerto Rico

El Director General de Amgen confirma el compromiso de la Compañía con Puerto Rico

Groups & Conventions Turned Off By Puerto Rico’s Lack Of Cleanliness

Los grupos y convenciones se echan atrás por la falta de limpieza de Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico A Gateway To Latin America For Chinese Entrepreneurs

Puerto Rico, una puerta de entrada a Latinoamérica para los empresarios chinos

GDB Meets With Credit-Rating Agencies

El Banco de Desarrollo del Gobierno se reúne con las agencias de referencias de crédito

Strong Growth Forecast In Economy, Size Of Hispanic Community

Previsión de un fuerte crecimiento en la economía, la dimensión de la comunidad hispana

Picu Chicken Returns To Market Vuelve al mercado el Pollo Picu

Fiscal Crisis: It Looks Like The Commonwealth’s Deficit May Reach $2b!

¡Crisis final: parece que el déficit del ELA podría alcanzar los $2 mil millones!

A Need For Government Reform

Se necesita una reforme del gobierno

Sustainable Development Law Well-Intended, But Too Vague & Ambitious

La Ley del Desarrollo Sostenible tiene buenas intenciones pero es demasiado vaga y ambiciosa

Culebra International Regatta To Be Held In March

La Regata Internacional de Culebra se celebrará en marzo

R-G Financial Completes Florida, Georgia Expansion

R-G Financial concluye su expansión en Florida y Georgia

Lessons From Around The World

Lecciones de alrededor del mundo

Orlando Airport Is Growing Faster Than Miami’s

El Aeropuerto de Orlando crece más rápido que el de Miami

Port Of Miami Recovering From A Tough Year

El Puerto de Miami se recupera de un año duro

Latinos & Lucre; The Race Is On To Win America's Hispanic Consumers

Los latinos y el lucro; la carrera está en marcha para ganarse a los consumidores hispanos de América

CPA’s Favor Sales Tax El CCPA está a favor del impuesto sobre las ventas

Can Puerto Rico Taxpayers Continue To Carry Big Government?

¿Pueden los contribuyentes de Puerto Rico seguir manteniendo un gobierno grande?

Government Must Tighten Its Belt

El gobierno debe apretarse el cinturón

Convention Center To Open On Time In October

El Centro de Convenciones abrirá sus puertas puntualmente en Octubre

Zoila Levis: A Professional Pioneer

Zoila Levis: una pionera profesional

Wal-Mart & Retail Banking Services

Wal-Mart y los servicios de banca minorista

Marriott Brings A Renaissance To Condado

Marriott trae un renacimiento a Condado

Hilton Ponce & Casino’s $120m Expansion Nearly Complete

La expansión de $120 millones de Hilton Ponce y el Casino está casi completa

More Insecurity About Social Security Reform

Más inseguridad sobre la reforma de la Seguridad Social

U.K. Announces Plans To Close British Consulate In San Juan

El R.U. anuncia planes para cerrar el Consulado británico en San Juan

eSafe To Protect 1/2 Of Puerto Rico's Internet Users

eSafe protegerá la 1/2 de los usuarios de Internet de Puerto Rico

Army Boots Will Be Made In Moca

La botas para el ejercito se fabricarán en Moca

PREPA Proposes $1b Expansion La AEE propone una expansión de mil millones de dólares

Puerto Rico’s Promise For Ecotourism: The Sky’s The Limit

La promesa de Puerto Rico para el Ecoturismo: el cielo es el límite

A World-Class Opportunity

Una oportunidad de calidad mundial

Saving Puerto Rico’s Financial Future

Salvando el futuro financiero de Puerto Rico

A Few Bumps But Mostly Clear Skies For P.R. Airline Sector

Unos cuantos baches pero cielos primordialmente claros para el sector de la Línea Aérea de P.R.

Prasa To Invest $2.4b In Capital Improvements

La AAA invertirá $2.4 mil millones en mejoras del capital

Jamaica Withdraws From Marketplace Contest

Jamaica se retira de la competición de la sede del Marketplace

China Poised For Caribbean Tourism

China está dispuesta para el turismo caribeño

Wireless Technology Sets Trends For 2005

La tecnología inalámbrica marca la tendencia para el 2005-02-11

Puertoricowow.com Unveils Newly Enhanced, User-Friendly Portal Design

Puertoricowow.com desvela un nuevo y remozado diseño del portal de fácil manejo

Hispanics Becoming Formidable Economic Force

Los hispanos se están convirtiendo en una formidable fuerza económica

Turabo Medical Buys San Pablo Hospitals

Turabo Medical compra el Hospital San Pablo

Torres Moves To Hoy Torres se traslada a Hoy

Made In China: As China Turns Into The World’s Factory, Puerto Rico No Longer Can Lure Companies With Low Costs & Federal Tax Incentives

Hecho en China: mientras China se convierte en la fábrica del mundo, Puerto Rico ya no puede atraer a las compañías con bajos costes e incentivos en los impuestos federales

The China Syndrome

El Síndrome de China

China Making Big Push In Caribbean

China da un fuerte empujón en el Caribe

Economic Development & Pridco To Develop Joint Economic Plan

Economic Development y Prico desarrollarán un plan económico conjunto

Dorado To Get $35m Lifestyle Center

Dorado obtendrá un centro de Estilo de Vida de $35 millones

Federal Employees May See Reduction In Cost Of Living Allowance In 2006

Los empleados federales pueden ver reducida la subvención por costo de la vida en el 2006

Year-End Results For Banks

Los resultados de final de año para los bancos

Gatorade To Invest $1m In Advertising For 2005

Gatorade invertirá $1 millón en publicidad en 2005

Investors Buy Into Hispanic Market; Media Sector Fast Taking Off

Los inversores compran en el mercado español; el sector de los medios de comunicación despega rápidamente

Slower Economic Growth Forecast Se prevé un crecimiento económico más lento

Puerto Rico’s Performance In A Global Economy: Outlook For 2005 Promises Moderate Growth & Plenty Of Challenges

El desempeño de Puerto Rico en una economía global: las perspectivas para el 2005 prometen un moderado crecimiento y abundantes retos

Outlook Remains Cloudy

Las perspectivas siguen nebulosas

Puerto Rico’s Tourism Industry On A Roll In 2005

La industria del turismo de Puerto Rico irá de éxito en éxito en el 2005

Financial Industry Looking Forward To 2005

La industria financiera espera ansiosa el 2005

Construction Industry Cautiously Optimistic For 2005

La industria de la construcción es cautamente optimista sobre el 2005

Real-Estate Market Optimistic About 2005

El mercado inmobiliario es optimista respecto al 2005

Water & Solid Waste Management Biggest Environmental Woes

La gestión del agua y de los residuos sólidos es la mayor preocupación medioambiental

P.R. & Caribbean Region Rank 5th Among Chrysler Group’s International Markets

P.R. y la región del Caribe ocupan el 5º puesto en los mercados internacionales del Grupo Chysler

Popular Says Justice Probes Ex-Unit…Unsure About Scope Of Probe

El Popular dice que el Dep. de Justicia investiga una de sus antiguas unidades ...no está seguro del alcance de la investigación

Latino Equities On Fire: Broadcasters Lead Way In Sparking Interest Of Investment Firms Las acciones latinas están que arden: las emisoras de radio y televisión están a la cabeza de las que despiertan el interés de las empresas inversoras

With The Highest Murder Rate In The U.S., Puerto Rico Needs Immediate Solutions

Con el índice más alto de asesinatos en los EE.UU., Puerto Rico necesita soluciones inmediatas

Crime Must Be Reduced Now

El crimen debe reducirse ahora

Bhatia To Lead Commonwealth’s Affairs In Washington, D.C.

Bhatia encabezará los asuntos del ELA en Washington D.C.

Vieques Master Plan Recommends Ecotourism

El plan maestro de Vieques recomienda Ecoturismo

Marketing Trends 2005–Part Two

Las tendencias de marketing 2005 — Parte Dos

Banking To U.S. Hispanics

Servicios bancarios para hispanos estadounidenses

CHA Marketplace In Jamaica A Big Success

CHA Marketplace en Jamaica, un gran éxito

Out Of Reach

Fuera de alcance

Anibal Torres Was Area's Pioneer Of Spanish-Language Broadcasting

Aníbal Torres fue el pionero de la zona en la retransmisión en idioma español

Adding Some Latin Flavor; Publix Is Launching A Line Of Store-Brand Hispanic Products

Añadiendo más sabor latino: Publix está lanzando una línea de productos hispanos con la marca de la tienda

Concessionaire To Run PLA Un Concesionario se encargará del funcionamiento del PLA

Divided We Stand (Survey of Economic Future of Puerto Rico)

Nos mantenemos divididos (Estudio del Futuro Económico de Puerto Rico)

Peace And Harmony?

¿Paz y harmonía?

The Character Factor And Puerto Rico’s 2004 General Elections

La influencia del carácter de las personas en el resultado de las elecciones generales de Puerto Rico de 2004

US District Court Judge Danny Dominguez

Juez del tribunal del destrito de los EE.UU. Danny Dominguez

Puerto Rico's Ambassador To Texas

El embajador puertorriqueño a Tejas

Insecurities About Social Security

Inseguridades sobre la Seguridad Social

Puerto Rico Hosts First Medical Device Trade Exhibit in 2005

Puerto Rico será el anfitrión de la primera Exposición de Dispositivos Médicos en 2005

PRCF Announces Educational Transformation 2014 Fund

La PRCF anuncia el Fondo para Transformación Educativa 2014

Sears Tailoring Stores To Have Diverse Appeal

Sears está adecuando sus tiendas para que tengan un atractivo diverso

Retailers Want Different Trade Boss

Detallistas piden reconsiderar designado a Comercio y Exportación

Morgan Stanley Finalizes $19M Settlement Morgan Stanley ultimó acuerdo por $19 millones

Economic Year In Review 2004: Sluggish Growth & Plenty Of Politics

El Año Económico 2004 a revisión: crecimiento apático y mucha política

Enough With The Rhetoric–Puerto Rico Needs Action

Basta de retórica — Puerto Rico necesita tomar medidas

P.R.’s FY ’04 Imports Register $5.1b Increase, Highest In A Decade But Worst Year For Exports, $95.1m Decrease

Las importaciones de P.R. en el año fiscal '04 registran un aumento de $5.1 mil millones, el más alto en una década, pero el peor año para exportaciones, un decremento de $95.1 millones

The Fight For Equality In Medicare Topped Health Industry Concerns In ’04

La lucha por la igualdad en Medicare fue la principal preocupación de la industria sanitaria en el '04

Fast-Rising Oil Prices Led Energy News In FY 2004

El rápido aumento de los precios del petróleo protagonizó las noticias energéticas en el año fiscal 2004

Security A Major Concern For Technology Sector In 2004

La seguridad, primordial preocupación para el sector tecnológico en el 2004

Caribbean Attitudes Optimistic

La actitud caribeña es optimista

Fashioning Puerto Rico Into An Island Of Style… Winter Fashion Turns To Latin Sources Transformando a Puerto Rico en una isla de estilo... La moda de invierno recurre a las fuentes Latinas

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