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'Chronicle' Editors Need To Get Facts, Eliminate 1800s Mind-Set: The Threat Of Puerto Rico Statehood

December 3, 2000
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Phil Kent must be back in his old job of running the editorial page. I see where the editorials lately continue to express myopic views on the evilness of foreign languages, the demise and fall of the English language, the Balkanization of America, and the threat of Puerto Rico statehood .

Constant harping on the Balkanization of America not only shows the lack of knowledge of the historical, political and social development of our country, but the lack of confidence in our country's strength and unity. Your view on the threat of foreign languages and the fall and demise of the English language is absurd.

It should be noted that English is the most popular and strongest language in the world. There are not too many countries where it is not used at some level. The immigrants speaking a foreign language, and whom you constantly bash at every opportunity, will be speaking English as soon as they learn it, and their succeeding generations will not only be speaking English, but will have forgotten their mother tongue.

This is not at all different from what has happened to every American whose ancestors came from a foreign country speaking a foreign language. The issue of Puerto Rico 's statehood reminds me of the same arguments used to deny statehood to my home state of New Mexico in the late 1800s. Fortunately, more rational minds prevailed.

Chronicle editors need to rid themselves of the mind-set of the 1800s and use facts to present their opinions rather than appealing to the community's emotions and prejudices.

George C. De Baca

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