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It's About Time

August 5, 2000
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To The Puerto Rico Herald:

It's about time someone choose to demand that we be included in the Presidential process. If at the age of 18 we're required to register for the military draft to fight in the President's war, why can't we vote for the President?

We should not have to wait for all of the people of Puerto Rico to vote for Statehood because that's impossible. Maybe the people of Puerto Rico will not feel rejected if they had a voice in the elections. I saw ex governor Luis A. Ferré giving George W. Bush 14 deligates from Puerto Rico to his candidacy in the RNC, but that was not really the people. That was just symbolic because we don't vote.

If the Republicans are sincere about the things they said at the convention, they would include us in this election. And if the Democrats appreciate all the support that Puerto Ricans have traditionally given them, they would let us vote in THIS ELECTION. I know that Republicans fear more Democrats in the Senate can unbalance their agenda, but right now they have the most to gain because I know that a lot of people will vote for Bush.

Marcial Santiago
Puerto Rico

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