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Rossello: Status Resolution Discussion To Include PDP Leaders

by Proviana Colon Diaz

April 11, 2000
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Gov Rossello said Monday that he would favor a status issue discussion in which the leaders of the Popular Democratic Party (PDP) participate.

The governor was reacting to published reports indicating that there might not be a good atmosphere in the U.S. Congress for discussion of the island’s status if the PDP wins the upcoming elections in November.

Rossello said both President Clinton and Vice President Gore know that the resolution of the island’s political status is a real issue.

According to Rossello, following the congressional hearings and the 1998 plebiscite, Clinton has been clear that it’s necessary to define valid options to finally resolve the status of Puerto Rico. Furthermore, he said Clinton is not closed to any alternative, so that there are not excuses for not participating in any event that results from this effort.

"We can all agree that the political status of Puerto Rico should not be under the territorial clause [of the U.S. Constitution], which gives Congress plenary powers over the island," Rossello said. "That is a departure point for all of us."

Those who believe in commonwealth, or ELA for its Spanish acronym, agree that the ELA that they want is not under the territorial clause. Therefore, following that premise, the president has taken the initiative to invite all political parties to propose a valid alternative outside the territorial clause, he said.

Rossello said he hopes all parties involved take part in the process so they can finally stop arguing the issue and solve the problem.

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