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Asides: Holding A Vote For Hillary?

February 10, 2000
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It's been only a year since Puerto Ricans rejected a statehood referendum, but President Clinton wants them to trudge to the polls again. His new budget, incredibly, includes a $2.5 million request for a new statehood vote in Puerto Rico . White House aide Jeffrey Farrow says the vote could be held as early as October if Congress approves. Hmmm. Statehood is more popular among the 800,000 Puerto Ricans living in New York City than it is in San Juan. If it weren't for all the other examples of Clinton officials shaping official policies to aid Hillary Clinton's Senate candidacy, we'd restrain our skepticism. But as it is, we won't be surprised to see Hillary calling on Congress to allow the referendum down on the island, and then blaming Rudy Giuliani if the result justifiably rejects the idea of making Puerto Ricans hold a third vote on statehood in only seven years.

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