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Marcos Alegría At Galería Calle Cristo

October 7, 2002
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He hails from a family of artists, and his stained-glass work is forever recorded in more than 25 churches and temples on the island. Marcos Alegría, painter, stained-glass artist, bohemian, teacher, and lover of paso fino horses, presented his first individual art exhibition in 1983. Now, almost 20 years later, he presents his latest collection, "Asííí. . ." at Galería Calle Cristo.

The exhibition’s odd title, "Asííí. . ." is based on an exclamation made by Sevillanos (people from Seville, Spain) to encourage bullfighters in the ring. "Asííí…" is a positive expression indicating a good day’s work and fittingly describes the work of artist Marcos Alegría.

A range of 15 different size paintings make up this fantastic display, influenced by his latest trip through various European countries. Other works present a more sensual theme, with such titles as "Cabalgata Nocturna," "Buscando el Mingo," and "Amantes."

Art critic Abil Peralta Agüero said, "In Marcos Alegría’s work, freedom of expression is a solemn act in which he speaks about what is sacred, spiritual, holy, as well as music, pain, passion, fantasy, social struggle, historical testaments, and the dramatic transcendence of pleasure. With a sensitive notion and a consciousness of beauty in the most philosophically subjective sense of platonic vision, Marcos Alegría proposes the beautiful as rationally artistic. His emotional experiences are latent in his paintings, supported by strong visualizations and brutal energy, which sometimes is succulent, aristocratic, opulent, and savage.

Born into a prolifically artistic family, Marcos is a native of Puerto Rico’s coastal municipality of Dorado. His first teacher was his father, don Marcos Juan Alegría del Valle, who owned a workshop in which he taught his son. He later enrolled in La Escuela de Artes Plásticas in Viejo San Juan where he was taught by many great maestros, including Augusto Marín, don Fran Cervoni, and Rafael López del Campo. Alegría’s education is in painting as well as stained glass.

His stained-glass creations are registered in contemporary history as part of Puerto Rico’s anthropology, archeology, and ecclesiastic architecture. San Juan Cathedral, Santurce’s Beth Shalom Synagogue and Iglesia Sagrado Corazón, as well as Iglesia Christian Nazareth in Toa Baja, and San Juan’s City Hall, are just a few of the many locations that display stained-glass art by Marcos Alegría.

He currently is an art supervisor in Bayamón’s education sector, directs the art department of Cooperativa de Ahorro y Crédito de los Maestros de Puerto Rico, and runs Casa del Rey and Museo y Escuela de Arte in Dorado.

"Asííí. . ." will be on display at Galería Calle Cristo until Oct. 19. The gallery is at 422 Calle Agüeybana (marginal Avenida Muñoz Rivera) in Hato Rey. For more information, call (787) 274-8668.

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