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Palmas Del Mar Properties To Build $60 M Shopping Village


February 7, 2002
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The $60 million Palmas Shopping Village promises to be the recreational and shopping hot spot for Palmas del Mar residents and surrounding communities, according to Arturo Garcia, president of architectural firm Garcia Joglar.

Garcia added that the structure would not look like a common enclosed or strip mall, but would be an open-air Main St. type of mall that concentrates on a central plaza serving as an entertainment anchor.

"We are focused on following Palmas’ design standards, including landscaping and pedestrian areas," Garcia said.

The more than 600,000-square-foot shopping village will be situated in front of the entrance to Palmas del Mar, without forming part of the resort community. It is expected to be ready in late 2004.

The idea of placing the shopping village just outside of the resort will allow Palmas to increase the number of households living in this resort community on a permanent basis.

"In the past five years, 60% of homes sold have been used for permanent residence," said Luis Rodriguez, director of planning and design at Palmas del Mar. According to Rodriguez, the shopping village will become another reason for potential residents to consider moving to the resort permanently.

But the shopping village will also cater to residents of Gurabo, Ceiba, and other municipalities, said Garcia. It is being designed with Palmas’ future growth in mind, where an average of 200 new homes are built every year. Garcia Joglar was in charge of the latest remodeling of Plaza Las Americas.

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