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Display The Flag

September 17, 2001
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There is a simple and powerful way we can demonstrate our unity, love and support for our friends and relatives living in the United States of America. We need to start displaying the proud American flag with the equally as proud Puerto Rican flag. It is not too late for every single one of us to rally around both the American and Puerto Rican flags. Let's proudly show our flags on our homes, cars and clothing.

We, who live on this island, realize that many Puerto Ricans, living in the United States died in the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. And many were seriously injured. We weep, grieve and pray with those now weeping, searching, grieving and praying for their missing loved ones that are victims of "Ground Hero." Many Puerto Ricans are among these missing.

We realize that many Puerto Ricans could die in a long ugly "Crusade Against Terrorism". We realize that many young Puerto Ricans are now signing up for the armed services. By displaying our two flags, we let them know that we honor and respect their decision to serve the United States and Puerto Rico.

We need to display our two flags to demonstrate visually our support for the Puerto Rican rescue teams that have left the island to go to the mainland to help our fellow Americans citizens affected by these despicable terrorists' acts.

A simple patriotic act such has displaying the American and Puerto Rican flags together would make a powerful statement to the fifty states and the rest of the world that we are part of the "Crusade Against Terrorism". Always displaying our two flags together is a powerful way to demonstrate our unity! We can no longer afford a "Silent Majority." It is time to break this silence by displaying our flags at every opportunity!

Robert McCarroll, Carolina

Click here, print and proudly display our flag.

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